Getting in to Hot Water!

If you suffer from abdominal bloating and frequent pain because of your IBS, then perhaps hot water can help.  You might have tried it in a hot water bottle strapped to your stomach when the pain is at its worst, but have you tried drinking it ….without the tea or coffee in it?  Might not be the most exciting drink, but it can help.

The recommended amount is 1 pint (yes a whole pint), about two mugs, before your breakfast or that wake-me-up mug of coffee, then one pint after each of your meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Yes, so ok, it does sound like a lot of hot water, but it might not be a lot of hot air! Never mind the fact that there are numerous other benefits to drinking water…if your IBS is bad enough it is definitely worth a try, as recommended to me by a GI consultant.

If you are not used to drinking a lot of water then do build up slow, start with just 1/2 a mug each time for the first couple of days, moving up to 1 mug then on to the full 2 mugs before breakfast and after meals.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on!





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