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Why join a Support Group?

If you have already been given the diagnosis of IBS by your GP, you may find you are struggling to get the support and information you need to manage your condition.

As a sufferer of IBS you may often experience a huge lack of confidence around being able to manage and control the bowel, especially during those important or stressful occasions. You will probably want to change this, but don’t know how.

You will often find that you are embarrassed to admit to, or discuss your condition with family, friends and colleagues. This can lead to feelings of isolation and anxiety, which in turn can increase the severity of the symptoms.

IBS can be a lonely and debilitating condition that you may feel is controlling your life and stopping you doing the things you really want to do.

The good news is you are not alone and there are probably more people like you out there than you know!  Come and join our group and meet some of them.